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China Waiting Children Program -June Updates and Prayer Requests

Congratulations to the 4 families who received referrals through the Waiting Children Program in the month of June! The China Program continues to match referrals with families from the CCCWA shared list and our partner orphanage agency-specific lists.  Each month new families join the WC program, while other families are matched with referrals and begin waiting on their approvals. Each month families receive approvals from China and AWAA continues to send 1-2 groups of families to China each month.

The China team asks for your prayers this week for:

  • Those currently reviewing waiting children referrals and prayerfully considering their adoption
  • The group of families preparing to leave for China this week
  • Those waiting on their referral and experiencing the challenges of waiting and an unknown wait time
  • The children registered for adoption and waiting for their families

Thank you for joining us in prayer, we truly believe God is guiding the adoption process for each family. Our staff are here to support families throughout this time.


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