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China Waiting Children Program June & July Updates

Referral Updates

Congratulations to the 40 families who accepted referrals in June and the first half of July! The majority of the referrals were from the new shared groups posted in June and July, although some acceptances were also for America World specific referrals. The referrals accepted consisted of boys and girls ages 6 months-11 years old, with a variety of different special needs. We praise God for these referrals and the families who are preparing to bring their children home. 

Referral Acceptance (RA) Wait Time

Families who have accepted a referral should refer to the “FAQ’s for Waiting on RA†email that was sent by their Family Coordinator. This email outlines the average timeframes families can anticipate waiting for their acceptance. While we report the patterns observed in 2009, this does not guarantee continued patterns or the exact wait a family may experience.  

Wait Time for Referral

There continues to be a short wait time for families open to children with an unrepaired condition. Specifically, there continue to be many referrals, boys and girls, with each referral group who have unrepaired cleft lip and palate conditions. Families should contact their Family Coordinator if they have additional questions on the type of special needs commonly seen in the program. Families open to older children or boys of any age also continue to experience a short wait time for a referral.

July Monthly Prayer Focus

Please join us in praying for Carter. Carter is an America World assigned referral. He is an extroverted 9 year old boy who is a Hepatitis B carrier. Carter is an above-average student who listens well to his teachers and obeys the rules. He is always ready to help others.  Carter is well-mannered and polite, and is popular among his peers at school and among those in the institute. Families interested in viewing his photos and referral information con contact their Family Coordinator or email


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