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China Waiting Children Program: Discussions, Encouragement and Support from the AWAA Family Communi

The China Program Team would like to invite families who have adopted or are in process of adopting through the waiting children program to participate in discussions regarding medical needs research, support and your adoption testimony. We recognize that families who participate in the yahoo group will be in various life phases- from those who are first considering adopting a waiting child, those who are waiting for their referral and those who are home with their child.  Current and previous clients who have not joined the group can apply to join here. Some examples of discussion topics are:


What research and training were most helpful to you in preparing to adopt a child through the waiting children program? Please share specific resources books and links to help others. One example of an educational resource is from the non-profit Love Without Boundaries)and their educational videos and manual of special needs created to help educate families considering the adoption of a waiting child.


What community and family support do you have for your adoption, were there any challenges and stigmas that you have to work through in preparing those around you for your adoption? Does your family have special hospitals or doctors in your area that have assisted you? Does your church have an orphan care or adoption ministry? For orphan ministry ideas and to connect with others involved in orphan care or other adoptive families, visit resources from the Christian Alliance for the Orphans.


How did God lead you and call you into your adoption process, specifically the adoption of a waiting child? Each story is unique and special and we love hearing how God works on behalf of each family. Should you want to further share your story on our blog to encourage other families please feel free to email us.

Thank you to all those families who have already contributed to the discussions and we look forward to hearing from more families over the coming days. We hope and pray that these discussions will be a source of support and encouragement to families.


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