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China & Waiting Children Program- CCCWA Fee Increase

All China and China Waiting Children Program families who are working on their dossier or who are waiting to be matched with a referral, should have received an email on February 2nd regarding the CCCWA fee increases. A family’s initial, mid, and final program fees to AWAA will always remain the same throughout the adoption process, per agreements signed.  However, other adoption processing fees throughout the course of the adoption are always subject to change, as per explanations in a family’s agreements. Such fees are related to CCCWA fee structures or China adoption program changes and are always subject to change throughout the course of an adoption. As a reminder, a family’s LID does not prevent such fee increases, when the fees are related to other portions of the process that will occur after March 1, 2012.

Per the email sent to families with the explanation of fees, these new fee increases will take effect March 1, 2012 as per CCCWA regulations. As these fees are related to CCCWA fee structures, any family who has a dossier submitted by the deadline, but who may have other waiting children program related fees later in their process, will be required to pay under the new fee structure, as required by the CCCWA.


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