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China Waiting Children Program – Are one of these children waiting for you?

We would like to ask families to join America World in praying for the following children in our China Waiting Children program, who are currently looking for their forever family.  We trust that God will move on their behalf and we are eager to see all He will accomplish through our united prayers!  Thank you for joining us in committing these children to prayer.

Aaron* just celebrated his first birthday!  He is a cute and active 12 month old boy.  He enjoys meal times and can hold his own bottle. He is also a sound sleeper and likes to suck on his fingers while he sleeps.   Aaron is an agency specific and special focus referral.  He has been diagnosed with hypospadias, mild hydrocephalus and a congenital heart defect (PFO).

Karis* is a 13 month old girl with a fun loving personality.  She enjoys listening to music and playing with toys.  She likes attention, smiling and laughing when she plays with others.  Karis has been diagnosed with repaired anal atresia, cleft lip and phocomelia (missing arm and legs). She is an agency specific and special focus referral.

Cassidy* is a happy, active 20 month old girl with an easy smile.  She likes playing with toys that make sounds and enjoys listening to music.  She also has a good appetite and enjoys meal times.  Cassidy has been diagnosed with growth developmental delay and repaired meningomyocele (tethered cord).  She is an agency specific referral.

Carson* is a happy and active 22 month old boy. He enjoys playing games with the other children and listening to music. He is noted to be a premature infant with a toe deformity, a finger deformity (syndactyly) and has HIE due to his birth. Due to his history of being born premature, he most likely also has developmental delays even though this is not noted specifically in his medical history. Carson is an agency specific referral and can only be reviewed by LID families. Additional information or updates may be requested on Carson for any family would review this file.

Heidi* is a sweet 23 month old girl.  She enjoys playing outside with the other children and likes all sorts of toys.  She also loves listening to music and watching cartoons.  Heidi has been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and active Hepatitis B.  She is an agency specific and special focus referral.

Chase* just turned two!  His favorite color is red and his favorite toys are a red tambourine and a red block.  He enjoys bath time and likes juice.  Chase has been diagnosed with Down’s syndrome and CHD.  He is a special focus and agency specific referral.

Colby* is a bright-eyed, handsome little boy who is almost five and a half.  Colby is a special focus referral and has been diagnosed with congenital meningocele, hydrocephalus and a genital malformation.  He is enrolled in kindergarten and enjoys playing with other children.  He is an active child who enjoys playing hide and seek, listening to music, and playing with animal toys.

Please join us this month in praying for Aaron, Karis, Cassidy, Carson, Heidi, Chase and Colby.  Please pray for their development and health, for their nannies/caretakers, and for families to come forward for their adoptions. America World families who are interested in these referrals can contact for more information and copy their Family Coordinator on the email.

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.”  Philippians 4:6

*Names changed for identity protection. Click on the child's name for more information on the Waiting Children Program.


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