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China Waiting Children January Prayer Requests

Our Monthly Prayer focus for January 2010 is for “Gareth,†a 12 year old boy who is active and enjoys playing games.  Due to the length of time we have had his referral, we will be returning his referral to the CCAA on February 5th, should there be no family who comes forward between now and that date.  Gareth is a friendly boy and enjoys singing, performing, playing soccer, and ping pong.  He has Hepatitis B and repaired hypospadius.  He is respectful of teachers and is good at sharing and helping others.
Gareth attended AWAA’s Hope Journey Summer Camp in 2007 where he expressed a desire to be adopted by an American family and have a “strong and tall father.†AWAA staff who interacted with him can give personal accounts of his personality.  America World staff who met him noticed he has leadership skills and is very outgoing with both adults and children.

Any family interested in his adoption will also receive his summer camp assessments where his skills and general social abilities were assessed. Any family interested in his adoption can connect with other families who adopted children from this same camp, so that there is a network of support. Additionally, if a family is concerned about financing the adoption, please contact America World staff for details on resources available.

Additionally, due to the length of time we have the referrals of Miles, Jillian, Cale and Cory, we will be returning these referrals to the CCAA on February 5th as well. Families interested in seeing photos and a brief biography of these children can contact for the password to our waiting child website. Families can also discuss the referral review opportunities and process with a China Family Coordinator. The review process allows families to consider the adoption of one of these children while reviewing the referral information with a doctor and social worker.

We appreciate your prayers and advocacy efforts for these children! Please call 1-800-429-3369 for more information or details on these referrals or on America World’s China Waiting Children Program.


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