China Waiting Children: Files Returning- Families Needed

As we approach the end of February, we wanted to make all
families aware that some of our waiting children referrals will soon need to be
returned to the CCCWA, several before the end of February. These children have
been unable to be matched with families currently in our program, as their
needs, gender, or ages are outside of those being requested by our current
families. Most of these children reside in one of AWAA’s partnership
orphanages, which also has a program sponsored by Love Without Boundaries.
Several of these children are eligible to be matched with families who are at
any stage in the adoption process.  **Please note that a social
worker’s approval is needed to review a child’s file that is outside of a
family’s current home study approval or child requests.

Families can view each child’s photo(s) and information by
clicking HERE and entering the waiting children password. We appreciate your fervent
prayers for God to provide a forever family for each of these precious
children. If you have questions about the password or if you are interested in
learning more about a specific child, please contact our China Program staff at and
staff will be able to assist you.


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