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China Waiting Child: “Wilson”

Wilson is a precious, quiet little boy. He can sit up, stand and walk on his own. Wilson can grab and handle objects well and likes to play with toys in his crib. He especially loves toys that make sounds. He has good finger dexterity, can pick up small objects and hold a pen for scribbling.

His mental development is similar to other children his age and he responds well to his caregiver’s requests. He can imitate words, express his needs and say the word “mama” as well as other children’s names in his group. He is cooperative when being dressed daily.

Wilson was diagnosed with eczema and a joint malformation of both elbows making them unable to bend properly. A rehabilitation teacher has already been working with Wilson to help with his limb coordination and ability.

We are praying that God would bring forward a family to provide the care that he needs to overcome obstacles and encourage him to reach his full potential. If your family would like to adopt a boy from China, maybe Wilson would be a good fit?

Wilson’s file is designated by the CCCWA in China as Special Focus and he is an agency file from one of our previous partner orphanages.

If you are interested in Wilson or any China waiting child, please email our China team at for more information.

Every share on Facebook or any forms of social media and every prayer for all of our waiting children is integral to our mission.

We cannot do this without faithful families, as we need people to partner with us to speak up for children who cannot speak up for themselves. Please join us in advocating for Wilson and in praying that God will bring forward a family for him soon!

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