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china down syndrome

China Waiting Child Photolisting: Tyler

Tyler is an active little boy who is described by those who meet him as attentive and energetic. Some of his favorite activities include reading books, singing, playing on the toy car. He loves playing and being outside. His favorite TV programs are Tom & Jerry, Bottle Gourd Brothers and Pilgrimage to the West.

He has a healthy, varied diet, is not a picky eater and his favorite food is noodles.

He is in foster care and has been successful in his special education classes which he attends Monday through Saturday every week. He has a positive attitude at school and always shows interest in new things. All his teachers and classmates enjoy him very much and he has made several close friends that he spends time with. He can hold writing tools in his hand, can follow lines on paper and is good at coloring. He can express his needs well and can speak in 3-5 word sentences.

Tyler has been diagnosed with Down syndrome. He has good limb and mental development is able to walk completely on his own and can safely go up and down stairs without any assistance. He can perform all the daily motor functions on his own including; dressing, washing and feeding himself. He is very helpful to his caregivers by cleaning the table after a meal, folding clothes and keeping rooms in order.

Tyler’s file has been designated by the CCCWA as a Special Focus file.

Please contact our China team at for more information. Learn more about adopting a child with Down syndrome from our website!

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