China Waiting Child

China Waiting Child:  “Toby”

Toby is a sweet and active boy with a positive outlook on life. He is today’s China Waiting Child and needs a forever family. Toby is currently living with a foster family through a program at his orphanage. His file notes that he has good mental development and good motor ability. He can put his clothes on and off and wash his face. He can feed himself and can help his foster dad and mom clean the table and put the bowls and chairs in place. He also knows how to put away the toy box. He has good motor development. He is positive at school and very interested in new things. He gets along well with other classmates and his teacher and classmates like him. Toby is not a picky eater. He likes to eat noodles, rice, dumplings, beef, seafood, and chicken. He also enjoys many vegetables, eggs, yogurt, peaches, pears, grapes, and bananas.

He likes listening to music, dancing, and playing the toy blocks and balls. His favorite program is Spiderman, Boonie Bears and Pilgrimage to the West. His file shared that dancing is his specialty. It sounds like someone is destined to become a little performer!  He is in rehabilitation and special education classes Monday through Saturdays. His orphanage has a remarkable school program for their children.

Toby just turned 7-years-old and has Down syndrome. He is from one of our orphanage partners and his file is listed as “special focus” China Waiting Child, so a family at any stage or just considering beginning the adoption process can inquire and review his file.

To get more information about making Toby a part of your family, contact our China team at or call them at 800-429-3369.  To consider any child from China who is waiting for their forever family, fill out a FREE PRE-APPLICATION to verify your family’s qualifications, or simply fill out a FULL APPLICATION to get started.

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