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Waiting Child Profile

China Waiting Child: Happy Birthday, “Sean”!

Sean is a sweet little boy who lives with his foster family. Sean’s Chinese name means “talented & collection of songs and poetry”.

He has a good health and rarely gets ill. His motor development is on target for his age—he can walk, run and jump freely. Sean loves to sing and dance and play with toy cars.

His language development is good and he can understand adult’s instructions, can express himself with language, such as “I want to drink water”. His mental development is also good. He can read books, recognizes the pictures in the book, and can recognize shapes such as a circle, triangle, and square. He recognizes numbers and can build with toy blocks and likes to do finger exercises. He is receiving preschool education and studying in kindergarten from Monday to Friday. He likes to paint when given the opportunity.

He is positive, active and cute, according to those who care for him, and he likes listening to music and watching cartoons. He has good adaptability, likes noisy places, does not feel scared of strangers, likes playing with other children, and has learned to share well with others. He is closest to his foster parents. He sleeps alone and does not get up in the night.

Sean has been diagnosed with congenital heart defects (TGA, PDA, ASD) and delayed growth. He received surgery to repair his defects in January of 2017.

Sean is an agency file from one of our previous orphanage partnerships and is designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus. To learn more about Sean, please reach out to our China team at for more information.

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