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china waiting child

China Waiting Child: Paige

Paige, whose Chinese name means “a treasure and beautiful jade”, is a sweet little girl who has lived with a foster family since she was first admitted into her orphanage’s care. Paige has had several stays in the hospital over the course of her life, for conditions like pneumonia, bronchitis, urinary infections and other conditions.

She has good motor skills and can walk, run and jump freely and can go up and down stairs while holding something. She enjoys playing with toys that make sounds. She likes to watch cartoons, musical programs, and her hands and feet will dance along with the rhythm.

Her language development is normal and she communicates well with others. She is able to express her needs with complete sentences. She is positive, extroverted, active and enjoys outdoor activities. She likes music and singing and enjoys watching cartoons. She is energetic and has good adaptability.

She will sometimes communicate with strangers and will often make greetings and say “hi” to people on the bus and say “goodbye” when she is leaving. She likes playing with other children, but she is closest to the foster granny in her foster family.

Paige has been diagnosed with esotropia, malnutrition, growth delays and mild anemia as of her medical exam in November of 2017.

She is designated by the CCCWA as special focus and is from one of our previous partner orphanages. Paige is an agency file and a family interested in Paige can learn more by emailing us at for more information.

Right now there are children in China like Paige who are waiting for a forever family. If your family is interested in learning more about adoption or considering a China adoption, please contact our China staff at for more information. Families can view our China Adoption page for more information on children who are currently available and waiting for families.

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