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China Waiting Child:  Meet Sweet Little "Miss Pippie"

China Waiting Child: Meet Sweet Little “Miss Pippie”

“Miss Pippie” is a sweet girl who is observant and loves to watch little video clips and have her picture taken. She is a joy to watch as she enjoys eating delicious food and she is great at feeding herself. She is very good at replicating simple drawings and likes creating things with blocks and other art supplies. Though she can often be shy, she is responsive to directions and  redirection from her nannies. “Pippie” did well walking for an extended period of time at the zoo and mall and she stayed close to her nanny while in a larger group setting. At times, she will seek reassurance from her nannies when she needs a little encouragement or comfort. “Pippie” has been diagnosed with an intelligence developmental delay and a right accessory ear. She is absolutely special and is inquisitive once she feels comfortable.

Our Hope Journey team met “Pippie” in October 2016 and one of our team members, Jessica, had this special time with her:

“I had the pleasure of sharing a meal with “Pippie” and some of her friends after a walk and a shopping trip at a local mall. Prior to the meal being served, “Pippie” waited patiently in her seat for the food to arrive and listened to her Nanny’s directions. While she was waiting, Pippie enjoyed snapping an occasional picture on my phone. When the food arrived, sweet “Pippie” was a true joy to watch as she maintained a notable focus as she enjoyed her meal of pizza, salad, and appetizers that she was served. Towards the end of the meal, this sweet girl was happy to ensure that the last few appetizers did not go to waste which brought a smile to her Nanny’s face as well as mine. I can just imagine this wonderful little girl helping her parents prepare a delicious meal and enjoying the meal they made together as a family. “Pippie” is simply lovely and would do wonderfully in a family that can show her that she is loved and valued, who can provide her a consistent sense of security, and likes to participate in leisurely activities in smaller settings together.”

“Pippie” is such a precious girl, and we pray that the Lord will set her in a family soon! Her file is designated as Special Focus so a family at any stage of the process can be eligible to review her file. Please contact us at for more information or next steps. Please help us advocate for “Pippie” by sharing this with those you know. You never know who may see this and be impacted by it and called to adopt.

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