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China Waiting Child: Marco – Healthy Child

Marco is a healthy young boy who enjoys going to school. In September of 2015, he studied with other children in the social school outside of his orphanage in their Kindergarten class. He made great progress and continues to progress in his classes. After school, he tells the caregivers all about school.

He can speak sentences of 5-10 words. He likes school and his teachers. He attends school on time every day and does well in class, and cooperates well. He writes with his right hand and will write numbers or other things. He likes to look at books, color pictures and knows his colors. He is competent in studying.

Marco has good self-care ability and is not only able to put on and take off clothes, pants, shoes, and socks but also able to fold his quilt on his bed, make his bed, and tie his shoes. He likes to play games with other children in the same room. He also likes to watch cartoons.

Marco gets along well with other children and his caregivers and will greet adults. He is a good helper to the caregiver and is able to do some chores such as sweeping the floor, wiping a table, cleaning up his clothes, etc.

His file has very detailed and wonderful developmental information recorded throughout the first few years of his life. He is not usually very nervous when he meets strangers. He is an enthusiastic child and anytime he knows that other children need help, he will help them. The teacher of his class made him the leader on the school bus. He observes every child carefully and does his task. When the orphanage organizes a trip outside of the orphanage, he will take care of everyone in his room. When he sees someone who walks slowly, he will hold his/her hands to go together. When he finds that there is someone whose clothes are not tidy or unbuttoned, he will fix the child’s clothes just like a little adult. Marco’s file states that everyone at his orphanage loves him and that he is a lovely little boy.

Marco has good development and is a healthy little boy! He is an agency-specific file and is from one of our previous orphanage partnerships. His file has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file.

Please contact our China team to learn more about Marco, or what the next steps are for you to adopt Marco into your family. Email or call 800-429-3369.

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