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Maddox: “This Young Man Will Go Far…”

Maddox is a very intelligent, kind, 12-year-old young man with excellent self-management skills.  A Loving Ambassador Team recently spent time with Maddox in November 2019 and describe him as very bright, compliant, hard-working and a quick learner.  They observed him picking up easily on new activities, while always showing consideration for others and seeking to help his caregivers…and always with a smile.

Maddox has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, but he displays great compensation strategies for his motor challenges and enjoys being independent.  The doctor who examined Maddox noted that he is kind, extroverted, and very smart, though he sometimes has difficulty expressing himself. “This young man will go far with a loving family, good rehab, and medical care!”

Another team visited Maddox in 2016 and described their observations:

Maddox is a happy fellow who is very pleasant and has many friends. He smiles often and has such a sweet disposition.  Members of the team noticed during their Sports Day that Maddox enjoys competitive games and loves to win!  He demonstrated great fine motor skills through his love of drawing and neat handwriting. During our developmental assessment, we learned that he knows his numbers and can say the colors in English!

Maddox has been diagnosed with cerebral palsy but does not let this stop him. His intelligence level is considered above other children his age. He can walk unassisted but does require a handrail for steps. He can use the bathroom unassisted and feed himself. Maddox enjoyed the relay games and competing with his friends. He also enjoyed performing Chinese songs and poems with his friends.

Maddox is a mild-mannered, easy-going guy who would love to be part of a family. He really enjoys being with others and is comfortable around people of all ages.  We think he would transition into a family very well and would be such a blessing as a son!

Please take a few minutes to consider how God would have you be a part of helping this precious child, whether that is through prayingadvocating, or inquiring to learn more.

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Maddox or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.

NOTE:  There are just a few $1,000 China adoption grants that are still available to new families adopting from China!


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