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clubfoot adoption

China Waiting Child: Fischer

Fischer is a sweet little boy who is described by his caregivers as “lovely” and “smart”, and who loves to play outdoors.

His adoption file contains very detailed developmental and growth information that will be helpful to any doctor reviewing his file. Fischer is potty-trained and is able to feed himself. His fingers are able to cooperate to hold and pinch small objects and he has no difficulty in playing with toys such as inserting blocks, retainer cups, string beads, etc.

He is able to recite Three Character Classic and is able to say complete sentences as well as understand the meaning of sentences when communicated to. He communicates well with his caregivers. The staff at his orphanage states that he is very smart and “knows everything in his heart”. He is able to recognize adults’ emotion and when they change. If the caregiver is happy, he will ask the caregiver to hold him for a longer amount of time.

He is enthusiastic and likes to feed other children. He knows the adults’ daily schedule well and often reminds the caregiver about what she should do next. He knows the names of all caregivers and the children who share a room with him. When he is praised by adults, he is very happy. He loves to sing songs and likes to watch cartoons. His favorite cartoon is The Lion King. He likes to be held by the caregiver to play.

In 2014, he underwent a surgery for clubfoot using the Ponseti method. For the three months following, he only wore braces while sleeping at night and this lasted for one year. His caregivers do training such as rehabilitation, massage, and his dexterity and joints have improved greatly. According to his orphanage, he is also in rehabilitation training. In 2016, he underwent a hip joint reposition operation.

Fischer is an agency-specific file and is from one of our orphanage partnerships. His file has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file. His file contains additional photos and videos.

If you are interested in adding Fischer to your family the next step is to contact a family coordinator. Please call (800) 429-3369 or Contact Us to learn more about Fischer.

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