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China Waiting Child: “Coulter”

Coulter is a sweet young boy whose Chinese name means “good looking boy”. He is currently living with a foster family and is closest to his foster parents. He gets along well with his foster family.

He has a good health and rarely gets ill. Coulter can walk, run and jump and can go up and down stairs without any assistance. He can jump off the ground with both feet and can catch a ball when it is thrown. He can recognize big and small, can put his clothes on and off, and enjoys kicking balls and playing with toy cars. He is a bit shy and introverted.

He has been diagnosed with Thalassemia-B, delayed development, and G-6PD deficiency (his file notes he cannot eat foods with fava beans and legumes) as of his medical exam in November 2017. Upon intake at the orphanage and then in transitioning him to his foster family, it was noted that he received treatment at a local hospital for Thalassemia (blood transfusion) as well as several other conditions present at the time.

Coulter is a handsome boy who needs a family in order to receive all of the necessary care that will help him thrive and live a healthy life.

His file is designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus and is an agency file from one of our previous partner orphanages. A family interested in Coulter would need to email our China team at for more information.

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