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down syndrome adoption

China Waiting Child: Help Advocate for “Collins”

Collins is an “active” and” lovely” little boy as described by his nannies.  He is in a foster care program in China with Half The Sky Foundation (now renamed to OneSky) that is connected to his orphanage.

He has cute little dimples and is growing stronger day by day in the care of his foster family and siblings. When he is praised, he laughs happily. His foster dad loves him so much and sometimes when his foster dad calls for him after off work, he goes running to him.

He has a good appetite and likes to help put away chairs after dinner. He likes to play the role of big brother at home and enjoys that foster mom calls him “big brother”. He often shares his toys with his siblings at home.

Collins understands what his foster mom says.  One time he was sucking his finger and his foster mom said, “Please don’t do that.”  He understood and he didn’t suck his finger again. However, if he sees that other children are sucking their fingers, he goes to take their fingers out of their mouth.

He is able to put on his clothes, enjoys singing, loves to imitate others, gets along with others well, enjoys looking at picture books and loves to play games.  He enjoys playing on the toy hobby horse or car.  He can go up and down the steps independently. He can wash his hands without assistance.

He has not had any serious illnesses other than the common cold. He has no known allergies. Collins has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and is a happy and healthy little boy.

down syndrome adoption

While Collins is receiving individual attention and care from his foster family, he is in need of a forever family to help him reach his fullest potential. The love that he is experiencing now is an amazing blessing and we are so thankful that he is being provided for in this way; however, we hope and pray that each child has the opportunity to be placed in a permanent, forever family without the uncertainties that can come with more short term or temporary placements.

Please take a few minutes to consider how God would have you be a part of helping this precious child, whether that is through praying, advocating, or inquiring to learn more.

You can learn more about the process of adopting from China on our China overview page as well as learn about eligibility requirements for a China adoption.

If you are interested in learning more about Collins or adopting a child from China, please email our China team at or you can reach us by phone at  800-429-3369 for more information.

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