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China Waiting Child: Addison

Addison is a new addition to our China Waiting Child photo listing! She is a leader among her friends and classmates at school. She gets along well and is a “big sister” to the other children in the orphanage.

Her caretakers often praise her for the ways she helps others. She leads and instructs the younger children and helps them to their classroom, holding their hand and giving them instructions. She is a loving child who works hard, has good spirits and is sensitive to those around her. She is a hard worker, helping with various tasks and improving her self-care abilities. She likes to draw and has learned to dance and has performed for visitors at the orphanage.

She studies hard in her special education class and receives rehabilitation training. She enjoys attending school and listens carefully.

She is polite and greets people warmly; she is optimistic, brave and upbeat. She understands her caretakers’ instructions and can complete tasks assigned to her. Her language expression has improved over time. Her caretaker said that “the world fills with her laughter.” She completes her schoolwork carefully, writes well, and likes when someone plays ball with her.

Addison has had surgery for cleft palate and has a leg condition that limits her mobility, however, she is able to walk.

She has been diagnosed with ptosis (droopy eyelids) and developmental delays.

Addison’s file is designated by the CCCWA as Special Focus. She is an agency file from one of our previous orphanage partnerships and a family can learn more by contacting our team at

If you are interested in adding Addison to your family the next step is to contact a family coordinator.  Please call (800) 429-3369 or email to learn more about Addison. Our China team is waiting to talk to you about Addison or any other child on our China Photo Listing.

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