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China Waiting Child:  2-Year-Old, "Thomas"

China Waiting Child: 2-Year-Old, “Thomas”

Thomas” is a sweet boy who loves to be around people!  One of our teams who met him in November 2016 describes him as a curious, friendly, and calm.  He was interested in and played with many of the toys in the room and was able to scribble with a crayon or pencil.  He would also smile spontaneously and make eye contact.  Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, “Thomas” does work with a therapist regularly on his gross motor development.  During our team’s visit in November 2016, it was noted that he was continuing to gain strength, he could move his legs quickly and easily while in the sitting position, and he could stand strong and steady without any wobbling.  Continuing to make progress, his file notes that he is now able to walk steadily and take a few steps with assistance, although he is scared to walk by himself.  He is also continuing to become more flexible and will sit and focus on playing with one toy at a time.

Thomas’s” file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks, and we are also able to connect interested families with individuals who have visited his orphanage and were able to meet him during their visit in November 2016!  As “Thomas’s” file is designated as Special Focus, an eligible family at any stage of the adoption process can inquire to learn more

If you are interested in learning more about sweet “Thomas“, please reach out to our China team at  You are also welcome to complete a FREE PRE-APPLICATION and indicate on the application your interest in learning more about “Thomas”.

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