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China Waiting Children Program

Author J. C. Sproul beautifully describes the call of God: “The inward call of God is as powerful and effective as His call to create the world. God did not invite the world into existence.  By divine mandate He called out, “Let there be light!† And there was light.  It could not have been otherwise.  The light had to shine.†

As you continue along your adoption journey, consider if God is leading you to consider an older child or special needs adoption. Are you questioning what it involves and if you have the resources to care for one of these children?  If God is calling you to consider the adoption of a child through the Waiting Children Program, prayerfully consider it  and trust that God will provide a way. 

America World’s Waiting Children Program has a number of children waiting for their forever homes:

  • Evan is a talented 11 year-old boy who has a deformity of both feet. He is described as fun-loving, docile, and clever. 
  • Brady is a 9 year old boy who is deaf, but prides himself on being independent and clean. 
  • Piper, a 12 year-old girl, is “a girl who is loved by everyone who meets her.†  

Your prayers are appreciated for these children and the others that are not listed here but are assigned to America World.  To learn more about these children and to view additional child referrals please click this link: and contact your Family Coordinator for the password.


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