China Storyteller Team Update: Foster Family Visits & Tea Ceremony

Our Storyteller team that is currently in China sent a brief update of a unique opportunity they were given this week while serving at the orphanage. They were given the wonderful opportunity to visit three foster families, which doesn’t happen very often during these trips.

“Our team was honored with the special privilege of visiting three foster families in their homes. Unfortunately, our entire team could not all go together. The teenagers stayed back at the orphanage with two of our adult ladies. Three of us traveled with our guide. We were treated to three Kung Fu tea ceremonies and delicious fruits to try, in addition to the joy of spending time with the children. It was AMAZING!!! We are so thankful for this blessing!  

The Kung Fu Tea Ceremony is a special tradition in this area. Four to six tiny cups of tea are brewed and poured. The cups are filled to overflowing and then all drink it together in one gulp (if you can tolerate the heat). It symbolizes friendship that overflows. Very beautiful and meaningful to the people of this area. However, the tea is HOT! I only successfully slammed down one cup at one home because it was much cooler. One cup was so hot the I could barely hold the tiny cup without burning my fingers. Love that every family shared this traditional tea with us today. It was so wonderful to see these caring familiesâ€

FosterfamFoster Family

There are always amazing stories that come out of each trip that our Storyteller Teams share.  We always love the wonderful doors that God opens for these teams to be the hands and feet of Christ to everyone they meet.

Check out their great photos!

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