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China Special Needs Program

The Special Needs Team would like to thank all families who helped notify their communities, families and friends about Caleb and the need to find him a family quickly. Please join America World in praying for the family that is currently reviewing Caleb’s referral. Prayers are also requested for forever families for the children listed in bold print who are available for review.

> Jonathan: (Male) DOB: 2/13/99; Special Need: Club feet; deformity of hands

> Dylan: (Male) DOB: 7/19/2001; Special Need: Developmental delay

> David: (Male) DOB: 7/8/2002; Special Need: Excess hair growth on front and back torso areas

> Andrew: (Male) DOB: 12/14/2002; Special Need: Congenital exophthalmos (protrusion of the eyeballs)

> Joey: (Male) DOB: 4/2/2004; Special Need: Repaired cleft lip and palate, scoliosis

Families are invited to email to receive the password to view the children’s biographies and photos. Families interested in receiving additional information can also call 1-888-One-Child and a Special Needs Coordinator will be happy to assist families with their questions


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