China – Referral Matching Dates for October

We’d like to congratulate our two families who received
their healthy referrals for their little girls this month! Our families
receiving referrals were logged in on November 13, 2006. The CCCWA has not yet
released official information through their system of how far they matched for
November 2006 LID’s, though we know they completed LID’s from at least November
7-13, 2006.

current wait time for a healthy referral from China is 83 months (last group to
receive referrals) and will be 84 months for anyone receiving a referral in
November. This timeframe is the same at all agencies and continues to increase.
This timeframe is based on the time from Log in Date (when the dossier arrives
in China and is officially received by the CCCWA) to the date of the child
match. This wait time applies to all families in all stages of the program and
is assessed from Log in Date only and not by when a family began working on
their paperwork for China.

Chinese Heritage Expedites

Families who are of Chinese heritage and who have dossiers
submitted as Chinese expedites, can anticipate a slightly shorter wait time.
The CCCWA is currently matching Chinese expedite families who have a dossier
logged in November of 2007 as they are currently matching LID’s from November
2006 for the general program. The CCCWA’s desire is to keep one year apart
between the regular matching process and the Chinese expedite matching process.
This will mean that the Chinese expedite wait time will generally be 12 months
shorter than the current estimated wait time you will see listed each month.

Options While you Wait

There are several options that families, who are waiting on
a healthy referral, have while they wait. A family may be approved to do a
concurrent family building plan, in which they pursue pregnancy or another
adoption while waiting on their China adoption match. Families may also switch
to a different adoption program; however, this does require that a family build
a dossier for that particular country, as regulations for dossiers vary
depending on the country. Families may also join the Waiting Children Program
(no new fees or dossier requirements are required) where they can be matched
with a waiting child by our agency staff. Families participating in the waiting
children program will complete a simple application that allows our staff and
social workers to see what type of child your family desires to adopt. The
waiting children program has both boys and girls infant to age 13, older
healthy children (generally 10-13 yrs on average), and children with repaired
medical needs, unrepaired medical needs, or delays. Families interested
in learning about any of these options should inquire with their Family


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