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China Program Update


Dates Matched
The CCAA has posted the cut-off date for referrals.  Families who were logged in April 4-5, 2006 received referrals in this group.  The CCAA matched 2 Log in Dates this month.  Because America World did not have any families logged in on April 4-5 of 2006, we will not be receiving referrals at this time. 

Next Group To Receive a Referral
America World’s next group of families anticipating a referral have a LID of 4/6/2006.  Families with an LID of 4/6/2006 should anticipate to receive a referral in the next referral group that the CCAA sends.  We will continue to update families as new referral information is received.

Dossier Review

The CCAA has finished the review of dossiers and paperwork registered with their office up through April 30, 2008.  The CCAA completed two months of dossier review. The timeframe for the dossier review process will vary as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month that is currently under review.

**Families should note that the CCAA will generally contact an agency when there is an issue with a family’s dossier, when it is being reviewed during the dossier review stage.  Although a family may not be questioned during the review stage, a family could still be questioned at the referral matching stage, though it is less common.

Wait Time

The current wait time from LID to referral is 46-47 months with a trend of increasing from a half a month to a full month each month. Families should continue to anticipate a long wait for a referral. 

Additional Information

Any family interested in pursuing a concurrent adoption or the Waiting Children program should contact their Family Coordinator for more information. There are wonderful concurrent adoption options that are available while a family’s dossier is waiting to be matched.  America World’s Waiting Children program is also an excellent option for families who are interested in a boy, an older child, or a child with various types of medical or repaired conditions. 

America World encourages families to learn more about some of the needs of these children that are available for adoption at or by emailing our Waiting Children program at


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