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China Program Update: Single Women Approved to Adopt Again through the SFC Program

The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) announced that beginning March 15th single women are approved to apply for an adoption through the China (SFC) Special Focus Child adoption program.  For those who do not currently have a dossier in China, there are additional application requirements, beyond those currently listed for the general China program as part of this new policy. Current and previous AWAA clients who are single have received an email explaining these details.

Currently there are hundreds of special focus referrals available for adoption, boys and girls of all ages. A special focus referral can be an infant or young child with a moderate to severe medical need or multiple special needs or a healthy child over the age of 11 years. Children with minor medical conditions (such as cleft lip and palate, missing appendages, minor developmental delays, minor heart conditions) of all ages  and healthy children ages 8 and above are still referred through the traditional waiting children program but are not part of the special focus program.

Please note that in order to adopt a special focus child, all applicants (both single or married) are required to complete a SFC application and obtain an approval for the program from both their social worker and AWAA Directors. Prospective clients  are invited to email the China Program or to submit a free pre-application to learn more about the CCAA applicant regulations for single women considering the SFC program.



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