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China Program Update for November

Referral Update

At the time of this posting, referrals have not been received by agencies for the month of November.

We announced in October that we received 12 healthy referrals for families who were logged in at the CCAA on 3/27/2006 and 3/28/2006. Our next two group of families who are anticipating referrals have an LID of 4/3/2006 and 4/6/2006. Because the CCAA has been averaging approximately 2-3 LID’s a month more recently, it is possible that the CCAA may not match enough dates in the next referral matching to reach our next group of families logged in on 4/3/2006. Please note that the CCAA does not provide information to agencies on which dates are being matched for referral or when referrals will arrive.  Most often, the CCAA posts this information to agencies after the referrals have been received by agencies. Though referrals may often arrive around the same time each month, this is not always the trend, so families should expect to receive a referral at any time, even outside of the general timeframes seen each month. Please continue to watch our blog for any updates of when referrals are received or when the matching dates are given by the CCAA.

The CCAA continues to process an average of 2-6 dates each month.  Matching is based upon how many paper-ready referrals that the CCAA has available, that are ready to be matched with families from around the world who are logged in on specific dates that the CCAA has chosen to match for that month.

What are AWAA’s next LID groups to be matched?

• April 3, 2006
• April 6, 2006
• April 14, 2006
• April 24, 2006
• April 29, 2006

Please note that while the above dates represent the LID’s for AWAA families, there are other families from other agencies around the world who are logged in on other dates throughout the end of March and the month of April. The CCAA issues LID’s to agencies throughout the entire month as agencies send their dossiers each week to the CCAA. Dossiers are sent to the CCAA at different times each week from each adoption agency.

Dossiers Reviewed & Overview

Dossiers reviewed- through February 28, 2008

The CCAA has recently finished the review of dossiers and paperwork registered with their office up through February 28, 2008. We have noticed that the CCAA appears to be reviewing more months of dossiers in a shorter amount of time. The timeframe for the dossier review process will vary as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month that is currently under review.

**Families should note that the CCAA will generally contact an agency when there is an issue with a family’s dossier, when it is being reviewed during the dossier review stage.  Although a family may not be questioned during the review stage, a family could still be questioned at the referral matching stage, though it is less frequent.

Because the CCAA has completed the February 2008 dossier review, it is likely that the CCAA is currently reviewing dossiers for March 2008 and beyond, though the CCAA does not report to agencies which month(s) they are currently reviewing.

Current Wait Time

Wait Time- 43-44 months from LID

The current wait from LID to referral is 43-44 months at all agencies and increasing. This represents the wait time for families who just received a referral in October (waited 43 months) and who could potentially receive a referral this month.  The wait time is calculated from the Log in Date when a dossier is sent to China, to the date that the referral is received. For families with LID dates after March 28, 2006, the wait time trend continues to increase half a month to a full month each month.

Chinese Heritage: the current estimated wait time for families who are expedited due to Chinese heritage is estimated to be 28-34 months from LID.

No one can accurately predict how long the China wait time will become or when it may start to decrease due to a large number of unknown factors, such as the following:

• the number of infants/children that will be available for adoption and paper ready within the upcoming year
• the number of domestic adoptions that will occur within China this year
• the number of families from around the world who have login dates between the last referral LID and today
• the number of families who will withdraw from the China adoption process due to the increased wait time
• the number of families who will adopt through the Waiting Children program and will no longer have their dossier waiting in the non-special needs line
• the number of families who will switch programs during their process and no longer adopt from China

Families are encouraged to calculate their wait time as a projected estimation, knowing there is no way to predict the actual wait time for each family. The wait time changes as it is based on the number of LID’s from around the world and the number of referrals that are paper-ready each month. America World will continue to report monthly wait time trends. Families should continue to anticipate a long wait for a healthy referral.


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