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China Program Update for May

Families Receive Referrals!!

America World received 12 healthy referrals on Thursday, May 21! The little girls were all located in the Chongqing Province and ranged in age from 7 to17 months of age.  Families receiving referrals were logged in at the CCAA on 3/13/2006 (AWAA Group 252) and waited 38 months from their Log in Date (LID) for their referrals.  Our next group waiting to receive a referral have a LID of 3/16/2006.

How many days did the CCAA match for May referrals?

The CCAA matched 6 days of LID’s for this month’s referrals. Though the referrals arrived a few days later than the usually trend of the first-second week of the month, the CCAA confirmed that families with an LID of 3/9/06 through 3/14/06 received their referrals for May. The CCAA continues to process an average of 2-6 dates each month. The matching is based upon how many paper-ready referrals that the CCAA has available, that are ready to be matched with families from around the world who are logged in on specific dates that the CCAA has chosen to match for that month.


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