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China Program May Update- Referral Overview

April 29th Referrals
The CCCWA confirmed that they have matched families whose LID’s were from June 16th -June 20th for the end of April. Families who were LID on these dates, have received their referrals.  America World’s LID group of  June 19, 2006 received referrals on April 29th. The CCCWA processed 5 days of LID’s.

Next AWAA Group To Receive a Referral
America World’s next referral groups are logged in on June 26 and 27, 2006.  We do not know how many log in dates the CCCWA will process in their upcoming next group of referrals. The average trend of processing is generally 3-8 LID dates each month. Please note that while June 26 & 27, 2006 represents AWAA’s next groups waiting for a referral, there are still other agencies around the world with various LID’s waiting to be matched prior to June 26, 2006. The CCCWA matches families with referrals in a systematic manner and in order of the next date(s) on the calendar to be processed.  An agency that doesn’t have any families LID on the upcoming dates being matched will not receive referrals until the CCCWA reaches their next Log in Date. This ensures that every family who has the same log in date, will receive referrals at the same time. (unless there is an issue in question regarding the family’s dossier- in which case a family would be notified) Log in dates vary throughout the calendar year for every agency’s families.

Current Wait Time
The current wait time from LID to referral is 59-60 months with a trend of increasing approximately a full month each month. This wait time represents how long families who just received referrals waited for their referral and how long the next group anticipating their referral will most likely wait if matched in next month’s referral group. Families should read the China Program Newsletter emailed on 3/2/2011 to understand the variety of factors contributing to the wait time and the reasons why it is impossible to predict the referral wait time for each family. Families should continue to anticipate a long wait for a referral. The wait time estimates apply to all families who have an LID and continue to increase for all families currently logged in at the CCCWA.

Chinese Expedite Wait Time

Families who are Chinese heritage and who have dossiers submitted as Chinese expedites, can anticipate a slightly shorter wait time. The CCCWA is currently matching Chinese expedite families who have a dossier logged in June of 2007.  The CCCWA’s desire is to keep one year apart between the regular matching process and the Chinese expedite matching process.  This will mean that the Chinese expedite wait time will generally be 12 months shorter than the current estimated wait time you will see listed each month.

Dossier Review
The CCCWA has confirmed that they have completed the review of dossiers that were registered with their office through September 2010. This means that families who were LID through September 30, 2010 have had their dossiers reviewed. The timeframe for the dossier review process will vary as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month(s) that is(are) currently under review.

Overview of Options While you Wait

Concurrent Family Building
Any family interested in pursuing a concurrent adoption or pregnancy during the wait time, should contact their Family Coordinator for more information. There are many concurrent adoption options that are available while a family’s dossier is waiting to be matched.  Please note that a family cannot participate in a Concurrent family building plan and be a part of the China Waiting Children Program due to the expedited nature of receiving a referral through the Waiting Children Program.

Waiting Children Program
America World’s Waiting Children Program (WCP) is also an excellent option for families who are interested in an older child who is healthy, or a baby/toddler/older boy or girl with a medical need, a developmental/growth delay, or a repaired condition. Families who are interested in learning more about this exciting program and the children that are currently available, should contact their Family Coordinator for more information.

Special Focus Program
The Waiting Child Special Focus Children (SFC) program is also another option families may consider within the waiting children program, if desiring to add two children to their home on one dossier. Families interested in this option should contact their Family Coordinator to request more information on the details of this program.


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