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China Program – Dossiers Reviewed through April 2009

The CCAA has confirmed that they have completed the review of dossiers that were registered with their office before April 30, 2009. This means that families who were LID through April 30, 2009 have had their dossiers reviewed. The CCAA completed 12 months of dossier review. The timeframe for the dossier review process will vary as it is based upon the number of dossiers that are logged in during the particular month(s) that is(are) currently under review.

**Families should note that the CCAA will generally contact an agency when there is an issue with a family’s dossier, when it is being reviewed during the dossier review stage. Although a family may not be questioned during the review stage, a family could still be questioned at the referral matching stage, though this is less common.


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