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China Program

Dossier Review

There have been no changes or updates on the CCAA’s internal website this week. The CCAA has completed the review of dossiers through October 31, 2006.  Though we realize that the CCAA’s internal site has not changed in while, we are aware that review of dossiers is taking place and we can expect to receive that information once the months of dossiers that they are currently working on are fully completed.

Wait Time

The current wait time from the most recent group of referrals on April 4, 2008  is 28-29 months. The wait time continues to increase by a half month to a full month each month. There are a number of factors that can affect the wait time and unfortunately, many of these variables change on a daily basis, thus making it difficult to know the exact timeframe of a referral. America World continues to monitor the wait time closely and to keep your family in prayer as you wait for your precious child.


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