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China Program

America World’s last date in December to submit a dossier to China will be December 21st . Dossiers must be received by noon, December 19th in order to be sent to the CCAA for the month of December.

America World is pleased to announce some exciting news concerning December referrals. America World received 9 referrals on 12/6/07- one boy and 8 girls- two of which were twins. Families receiving referrals were logged in on 12/12/05 and were from group 242. America World received two expedited referrals for Chinese heritage in this group. The babies ranged in age from 5 months-27 months and were from the Jiangxi and Liaoning Provinces.

The CCAA has finished the placement of children for families whose dossier documents were registered in their office on or before December 14, 2005. America World continues to uplift families in prayer as they wait to be united with their children.


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