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China Missions Team Update

We have a team currently in China and they are having an amazing time! God is truly blessing their efforts and time with the children. They have testified of team unity and great leadership which goes to show that when we commit our work to the Lord, He will be in all of the details. We are blessed to have two team members who are in the medical and physical therapy field as well as several who are experienced parents who have previously adopted from China. Their expertise has been great to have as they’ve met with children and helped train staff and nannies on various topics. We are thankful to each team member who continues to use their gifts and abilities to benefit these children.

Here is a special note from one of the team members to all of our waiting parents: 

For the Waiting Parents- Can I say that not a minute goes by in that orphanage when I don’t think of you. I so know the ache in your heart to bring your baby home and I know the helplessness you feel when you can’t be here with them. I also know the hope it gives you to know that we are here so let me fan the flame of hope for you now. Your babies are loved! They are held and kissed. They are fed and played with. They are getting social interaction with each other and are all going outside. The older children are going to school in a small classroom setting with teachers who love them. I observed this yesterday when I was evaluating the older kids. They smile and laugh and many of them love to dance. Some of the babies waiting with certain heart conditions need surgery soon. I took extra time to pray over them and I am trusting that the Lord will keep them in his arms. The nannies are good with caring for them. The cleft babies all look great! They are sent to Beijing for their repairs and several of the team members who have experience in this area commented on how good they look. I was amazed at how functional the kids with spina bifida are. They are getting daily therapy here. While all of these kids have “needsâ€, their greatest need is for a family. They need a mom to hold them and love them. The rest are just details and those are getting taken care of very well here, but they cannot make up for a family.

Here is a photo of the many hats that were knitted by hand and delivered for the babies & children in the orphanage:


The time that our mission teams spend with children in these countries is priceless and you can be part of the work! We still have trips this Fall and Winter lined up – Ethiopia, China, Rwanda/Uganda, Honduras & El Salvador. Won’t you consider being part of one of these teams?


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