China Mission Trips: A year in review

As another year winds down at Storyteller Missions, our staff is busy gearing up for 2017!

Hear from our China Missions Coordinator Becki Carlson as she gives a quick update on our China program:

2016 was an incredible year for us as we sent more teams and team members to China than ever before. We believe the impact of our teams has been great. We have seen children placed into forever families, children that might not have had a chance had our teams not met them, cared for them, updated their files and passionately advocated for these precious kids who ALL deserve a family.


It is not lost on us that we could not do our jobs without the selfless sacrifice of our team members and team leaders who work so hard for the children that they meet. Our teams and team members are the lifeline for the children waiting for their families to find them.

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As I reflect on the past year in our little corner of the missions department, I am in awe of the work we have accomplished, I am encouraged by the stories I have heard, and if I am honest, I am overwhelmed at the work that still needs to be done – the children that still need families, those that will never know the love of a family and those that know what it means to have a family- they are just waiting for it to be “their turnâ€. It breaks my heart but I will not be discouraged. God desires to set the lonely in families and I have seen first hand how He works, how His heart is for the fatherless, and that our teams are, indeed, making a difference! And so I continue on doing the work I do, praying that it makes a difference. And if one child’s life is changed – I consider it worth it!  


As we prepare for another full and successful year in 2017, I would like to personally invite each of you to walk alongside of us, to be a part of this life-changing work, to JOIN us in this amazing ministry! How can you do that? First of all, pray for us! Pray for our teams, pray for our team members, pray for the children that we meet and for families to adopt these children. And if you want to be more involved, then join us! We have many trips scheduled for 2017 with several more being added in the coming weeks. Our China leaders are all seasoned travelers and do an incredible job of equipping each team for the task ahead. Teams are already starting to fill up, and we anticipate many full teams in 2017. So if you are interested in joining a team, secure your spot, invite a friend to join you, and start preparing your heart for a year that will leave you changed in the best way possible for the rest of your life!

You can see a list of trips here

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