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China Mission Team Meets “Martin”

Our Storyteller Missions team in China met and spent some time with “Martin” and shared the following about him:

Martin 1 sm
This special 3-year old boy needs his mommy and daddy. Though he is shy and distant with new people, we can see he has a bond with his teacher and nannies. He follows instructions well and is learning quickly.

We observed him pointing out the correct parts of a duck when asked to by his teacher. He seems very observant and notices everything that goes on around him. He attends a Love Without Boundaries School daily. He is potty training well. He mimics actions with toys. He really seems to understand everything that is spoken. He would come so far with a family to love him. 

Martin 3 sm
America World's Storyteller Mission team is in-country visiting “Martin” and other children at his orphanage to provide medical and developmental assessments. 

“Martin” has repaired spina bifida and is waiting for a family of his own.  He has a shared referral and is designated as Special Focus, so a family interested in adoption or already in the process would be eligible to review her file.  Please email us at or call us at 800.429.3369 if you are interested in learning more about this cute little guy.


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