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China: Is There a Family For Me?

During a recent conversation with one of our China program families who adopted two boys from China, Holly Nauss shared an impacting short story:

“At the end of every day as our son Steven is going to bed, he prays, ‘Thank You, God, for my family!’ As his mom, I am reminded every night that he is thankful that he was adopted and I get choked up. We have adopted two boys from China and I shutter to think of what our boys' futures would have been had they not been given a home. Now- they have a family, they have arms that hug them, opportunities that would not have existed for them, a church that teaches them about the Lord, and doctors who can help to heal them. Every child deserves a loving family and in God's eyes, boys are just as valuable and worthy as girls.”


In the China Waiting Children program, there are a large number of boys just waiting for their forever family. In many cases, families interested in adopting a boy through the WCP can be matched very quickly. Many families are not aware that this need exists.  The following families would like share their thoughts on how they adopted precious boys who are now a part of their family:

Hallgren“We never thought about adopting a boy from China! Our “family picture” seemed to only include girls. Our Family Coordinator asked us a simple question when we contemplated pulling our file, ‘Have you ever considered a boy?’ A boy? … from China? … We simply didn’t know there were any available. That simple question changed our lives forever. We went from pulling our file, to bringing home a son! We never imagined our family with a son … now we can’t imagine our family without one!” – The Hallgren Family


 “We have been blessed to adopt three beautiful children from China through AWAA.  During our most recent adoption, our son was adopted via the Waiting Child program.  He has brought much joy, excitement, love and energy that only a little boy can bring to our family.  

Honestly, our family would be not complete without him as a part of it.  We certainly encourage families to consider adopting boys who need nurturing families just as much as little girls do.  We have been blessed and are sure you will be, too.” – The Begeman Family

“Jonathan is our treasure and delight.  Initially, we didn’t even check cleft lip and palate on our initial waiting child application. During a mission trip, the Holy Spirit must have prompted me to think “ this is not a child’s fault that they have cleft lip and palate. You are called to use your gift of good medical care and insurance and walk a child through this”.  I thought, if I walk away because of fear (the unknown of caring for a child with a cleft) this child may still have this condition.  Jonathan has been a delight, a joy, a treasure and  so much fun!  – Suzanne Vincent


Jonathan loves his 2 older sisters and is such a daddy’s boy. He loves to “work” with me in whatever I am doing, helping me fix anything around the house and loves to be held by his daddy.  He runs around and dances when I come home from work and prays with me before he goes to sleep.  I cannot imagine God blessing me more abundantly than he has with Jonathan as my son.  I cannot wait to watch him grown into a boy and then a man of God.   – Larry Vincent

What about you? Will you help change a boy’s prayer from “Is there a family for me?”  to “Thank you, God, for my family.”  If your family is interested in adopting a boy through the China Waiting Children program (WCP), please contact your Family Coordinator or email to learn more about this wonderful opportunity. 


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