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China Hosting Children Update!

Esol picnic 2

Some of the children who are being hosted close to each other have been participating in ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) classes. A local friend of a host family volunteered to meet with all of children up to three times a week while the kids are here. She has been teaching them some of the basics to help with communicating while they are here.

ESOL picnic
Learning has been fun for the children – they started by practicing sounds (see the video) and learning basic verbs during their first session together.


Yesterday they met for a picnic to practice learning language used when eating! (Names of foods, utensils, how to ask for things, etc.) The children were only allowed to speak in English during the class – they are all learning quickly and soaking up the new language!

Esol picnic 3

The children are older children from China, all of them need forever families. They will be here until July 13th. If any family is interested in learning more about the children, there are opportunities to meet them or to talk with the host parents. Let us know and we would be happy to set something up.

Email or call us at 800-429-3369


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