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China Heritage Tour


This week, four families that have previously adopted through America World are returning to China to take their children back to the province where they were born. This trip will be the first time these families and their children have been to China since completing their adoption processes. Over the next couple of weeks they will experience the culture, sights, and sounds of their children’s birth country. In Beijing, the families will have the opportunity to walk the Great Wall as a family, ride a rickshaw during a Hutong tour, observe pandas, and witness a Chinese acrobat show. 

There will be a few days spent touring Xi’an City, exploring the intricacy of the Terra Cotta warriors and the beauty of the Bell Tower. From there the families will return to Hunan province, where their children were born more than ten years ago. They will spend a week touring some of the incredible areas of Hunan. They will begin at Zhangjiajie National Forest Park to see the pillars formed by centuries of erosion before experiencing the gorgeous scenery in Yellow Stone Village and along the Golden Whip Stream. They will then take in the breathtaking landscapes of Hunan province by taking a cableway up Tianzi Mountain. Throughout the rest of the week the families will have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the culture of Hunan by visiting other locations within the province. 


We are praying that this will be a wonderful time for each family to grow in a deeper understanding of their child’s birth culture, that each child will be able to learn more about their background and that they would have a joyful and beautiful time throughout their tour of China. Please join us in praying for these families during the next few weeks as they experience China.


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