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China: “Hailey” is Waiting for Her Forever Family

Hailey is a precious little girl who will be 4-years-old this month. She smiles often and others around her feel the brightness she radiates.

At the age of 42 months, while sitting on the chair or sofa in her classroom, she would move her body with music and is so happy when she hears music she likes. She enjoys playing outside with her caregiver and hums when happy. She will also sing songs during mealtime. She is obedient and understands when she makes mistakes.  Hailey will jump on the wooden horse happily with the encouragement of her caregiver.

At the age of 41 months, she enjoyed playing with balls and would hold a ball firmly.

At the age of 40 months, she would follow other kids to walk when familiar kids would hold her hands to walk. 

She has been diagnosed with microphthalmia and leukoma and is blind in both eyes. Both eyes show signs of atrophy based on medical testing and her right eye shows retinal detachment. She has average muscle tone and her language and motor development are delayed compared to other children her age. She can say words like sister, bye-bye, and walk, but she doesn’t speak all of the time. She is in rehabilitation training. She sometimes misunderstands because of blindness and will cry when caregivers speak with another child with a different tone of voice, thinking she is being talked to, but then she is happy if caregiver tells her they were talking about another child.

She was transferred to her current orphanage after several years at another orphanage. That transition was difficult for her due to her vision needs and unfamiliar surroundings.

At the age of 42 months, her living environment changed again, but this time under the careful guidance of her caregiver she was able to adapt better and her file notes that she became braver.  Her nannies state that she shows her emotion on her face and will laugh out loud when happy or will cry when sad. Her file notes that her nannies think she is cute. Her file notes, “We hope she could grow up healthily, be cute and receive good care and live under sunshine to be full of happiness.

While Hailey has had some difficult beginnings and several tough “new starts” in her short life, she needs the love of a family to help her thrive, meet her full potential, and unlock the beautiful little girl that hides behind that smile.

Her file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information, benchmarks and history and any family interested in reviewing her file can be connected with individuals who have visited her orphanage. This little one has so much potential if given the right family to grow and thrive in. Her file is an America World orphanage partner file and a family in any stage of the adoption process or even just considering adoption would be eligible to consider reviewing her file.

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