China: “Grayson” Expresses His Desire for a Family

Grayson 3
Have you ever wondered what it is like to live in an orphanage? To wake up each morning and hear of another child who is going to get a mama and baba and wonder if you’ll ever be like them and have parents of your own? This is often the story of many older children who grow up in orphanages in China, overlooked and forgotten. Many may wonder if they’ll ever get to live with a family of their own before they turn 14, the legal age in China when a child can no longer be adopted.  Recently, it came to our attention from one of our orphanage partners that one of the older boys in their care, has recently felt lonely, because most children his age have been adopted as well as his friends he had at the orphanage. Though he lives with a temporary foster family currently next to the orphanage, he has expressed his desire to have a long-term family of his own.  Grayson is a sweet and handsome young boy that will turn 13 year old in July.

Grayson 1
Grayson is a wonderful helper to his foster parents, and is always nice to everyone.  He is timid and shy, but also energetic. He studies in school with his classmates and knows many age-appropriate things. He has normal mental and physical development and can manage his own day-to-day activities as you can see in the videos below.






He can walk, climb up and down stairs, jump, catch balls thrown to him, and enjoys a number of other activities and playing games. His favorite foods are fruit, rice, and dumplings.

He has been in rehabilitation training every day to strengthen his muscles and his ability to walk well. His diagnosis is cerebral palsy, but according to both staff at the orphanage and America World staff who have met him, his appears to be mild. He has seen incredible improvement since starting rehabilitation early on as a young boy. His file contains very detailed information about his rehabilitation training regimen. He had surgery in July of 2010 in Beijing, and another in May of 2012. His mobility was greatly improved after those surgeries.

Grayson 4
One of our Storyteller Missions team leaders who has met Grayson several times noted, â€œHe was in our photography workshop and in our English class. I’ve been with him over three team trips now. While he isn’t a “leader†and is a quieter child, he’s sweet and very much present, trying to rally the courage to engage with our team and eventually succeeding.â€

Maybe God is calling you to consider bringing Grayson into your family, or perhaps help advocate for him to find his forever family by sharing this information with family and friends?

Grayson 2
If you are interested in learning more about Grayson, you can contact our China team at or by phone at 800.429.3369. Grayson is a special focus designated file, so a family at any stage may be approved for his adoption. We can also connect you with individuals from previous Storyteller Mission trips who have met him.  

Please inquire with our staff to learn more. We hope that you will join us in praying that Grayson will soon have a family of his very own.


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