China: February Referral Matching Overview
March 1, 2013

Please join us in congratulating our 6 families who just received referrals! Our families receiving referrals had Log in Dates through October 19, 2006. At this time, the CCCWA has not yet announced the official cut off date for February matching. The current wait time for a healthy referral from China is 76-77 months at all agencies and increasing by a month each month. This timeframe is based on the time from Log in Date (when the dossier arrives in China and is officially received by the CCCWA) to the date of the child match. This wait time applies to all families in all stages of the program and is assessed from Log in Date only and not by when a family began working on their paperwork for China.

We are excited for these families and ask that you join us in praying for them as they prepare for travel!

Chinese Heritage Expedites

Families who are of Chinese heritage and who have dossiers submitted as Chinese expedites, can anticipate a slightly shorter wait time. The CCCWA is currently matching Chinese expedite families who have a dossier logged in October of 2007 as they are still matching October 2006 LID’s. The CCCWA’s desire is to keep one year apart between the regular matching process and the Chinese expedite matching process. This will mean that the Chinese expedite wait time will generally be 12 months shorter than the current estimated wait time you will see listed each month.

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