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China Families Needed – No Wait Time for Boys

Can you imagine celebrating Thanksgiving next year with a child in your home? Believe it or not, you could complete your adoption process start to finish, and be home with a little one by next Thanksgiving, or in some cases even sooner. In recent months we have received a large number of referrals from our orphanage partnerships throughout China. We have had 5 teams in China over the course of the last 2 months visiting our orphanage partnerships, meeting children, conducting assessments, training staff and nannies, obtaining new photos and videos of children–one team is currently in China right now!


1120bWe have seen their faces, learned their stories, and have at least 53 files (boys and girls) and possibly more coming in a few short months, with children currently as young as 10 months. Now is the time to start your process and send your dossier to China or transfer your dossier to AWAA in order to be eligible for one of the children that are coming!


1120gDue to the large number of files we recently received in a short timeframe, we have recently matched a large number of our families and currently, we only have two families (with dossiers in China) who are requesting to be matched with a boy. In recent months, families open to boys with needs commonly seen in China have completed the entire adoption process from application to coming home with their child in as little as 10 months!

1120f 1120iMany of the files we receive month to month are for minor medical needs children and are designated by China as log-in date only, which requires a family to have their paperwork already in China prior to being matched. We are currently waiving several fees for families with a dossier logged in at the CCCWA who are open to transferring to AWAA for a referral match.Families open to boys of any age or older children are especially encouraged to inquire, but with all of the children’s files coming soon, we are looking for new families for girls of all ages as well, as we anticipate to be matching a large number of the families we already have in process in our waiting child program. We would be happy to discuss your family’s case individually and assist you in the process of bringing your child home. 

Want to learn more? 

Webinar-  Register for our free China Program Webinar on December 3rd. Our China team will share details about our China program as well the amazing things happening in our orphanage partnerships.

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