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China: Families Needed & New Children Arriving with Video


We are expecting to receive many new child files from our orphanage partnerships in China, as we enter the beginning of 2016. Many of these children have minor or repaired conditions and will be designated as LID Only (log-in date only) which means that a family must have a completed dossier in by China in order to be matched.

Recently, we had one of our Storyteller Missions teams visit China and one of our team members put together THIS VIDEO  which captures the beautiful faces of many who desire to have a mom and dad, and highlights some of the sweet children whose files will be coming to AWAA in the upcoming months for matching. 

We have a great need for more families, especially those open to adopting a boy, and who already have a dossier in China.  Many families are currently being matched and completing the process with us in less than a year from start to bringing their child home!

For more information or to inquire on how to start the process with America World, please view our website at You may contact us by email or phone at or 800.429.3369 with any questions. Our team would love to help you bring home a child from China in 2016!



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