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Down syndrome adoption

China Down Syndrome Adoption: Meet “Porter”

We would like to introduce you to “Porter”, a happy 7-year-old boy who one of our mission teams was privileged to meet in China several years ago. “Porter” has Down syndrome and our team noted that he was able to dress and feed himself, and wanted to be like the team visiting by putting a backpack on like they had on. They said he methodically figured out a way to put it on without help (since it was heavy).

The team describes him as having a fun loving personality, better receptive language than expressive language, and a higher cognitive functioning than others in his peer group with Down syndrome. He appears to be higher functioning in social skills and speech than others with his condition. He currently is in special education classes and language training courses to help him further develop. During his class time, his teacher will put the cards with numbers (1-10) along with cards that have the alphabet and daily items (common articles of daily use and common fruits and vegetables) on the desk and ask him to find the corresponding card. He is able to find it and pass it to the teacher.

His file notes he has good self-care ability, can put on and take off clothes, can tie his shoes, can wash his hands and have a meal without help, as was also evidenced by our team. Learn more about Down syndrome adoption!

Porter is an agency file from one of our partnership orphanages. He has been diagnosed with Down syndrome and has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file. Please contact our China team at for more information.

Down syndrome is just one of the many disabilities or medically diagnosed needs that children have in our China Waiting Child Program.  America World’s in-country staff, who also travel with our families during their adoption in China, work directly with the CCCWA and orphanage directors to assist in finding families for the children who wait.

If your family is interested in learning more about a Waiting Child adoption or considering a China adoption, please contact our China staff at for more information. Families can view our China Adoption page for more information on children who are currently available and waiting for families.

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