China: December Referral Matching Overview

China adoptionThe CCCWA has
confirmed that they have matched families who were logged in, on, or
before October 13, 2006, in this last December referral group. The
CCCWA processed 3 dates for the month of December- log in dates (LID’s) for
October 11-13, 2006. Please note that the only information provided on their
internal website is the cut-off date. Because AWAA’s next referral group is
logged in on October 16, 2006, AWAA did not receive healthy referrals
in December.

The current wait
time for a healthy referral from China is 74-75 months at all agencies and
increasing by a month each month. This timeframe is based on the time from Log
in Date to child match and applies to all families in all stages of the
program. It is determined by Log in Date only and not by when a family’s
adoption process began with China.

Chinese Heritage

Families who are
of Chinese heritage and who have dossiers submitted as Chinese expedites, can
anticipate a slightly shorter wait time. The CCCWA is currently matching
Chinese expedite families who have a dossier logged in October of 2007 as they
are still matching October 2006 LID’s. The CCCWA’s desire is to keep one year
apart between the regular matching process and the Chinese expedite matching
process. This will mean that the Chinese expedite wait time will generally be
12 months shorter than the current estimated wait time you will see listed each


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