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China Waiting Child: Meet “Sullivan”

Sullivan is a precious boy in need of a forever family! You may remember learning about him here. Today we’d like to highlight him as it’s a special week—he is turning 9 years old!

As we think about and pray for the children we serve through the China Waiting Child Program, these milestones come with a bittersweet mix of joy as we celebrate another year of life, but also heartache as we long to see children, like Sullivan, experiencing life’s joys together with a family. Please join us this week in praying for Sullivan. Pray that he would know that he is loved and treasured, and most importantly pray that by his 10th birthday, he would be home celebrating and surrounded by his forever family.

china adoption

Although shy and withdrawn when he first arrived at his orphanage, he was gradually able to come out of his shell. A team who met him in November 2016 describes him as social, happy, and motivated to be independent. He was open to being hugged and held once he was comfortable with those who were visiting. As you can see in his photos, his smile captures hearts and spreads joy to those he meets!

china adoption

Sullivan has been diagnosed with a gait deformity of both of his lower limbs. The team that visited him noted that he appeared to be developmentally delayed compared to other children his age, but felt as though he would be able to improve with therapy. While he does have trouble walking, he is able to walk with assistance and pull himself up to stand.

He receives 30 minutes of physical therapy every day and seems to be improving over time. When he would fall trying to do something, team members would see him laugh and then immediately try again. The team observed that he is able to hold a pen and he is able to scribble, to write and able to assist in caring for himself. Sullivan’s social and communication skills were described as excellent.

He willingly shared toys with other children and displayed good problem-solving skills. While he will most definitely need additional therapies, there is so much unlocked potential in this little one!

One team member shared,

“I truly feel he would bless a family.”

Sullivan’s file has been designated by the CCCWA as a special focus file.

For more information or to speak with a team member who spent time with Sullivan, please contact our China team at

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