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Update: Urgent China Adoption – Ben Ages Out in 78 Days


Ben Needs a Family Before August 27

Ben is a bright, extraordinary 13-year-old boy in China and he needs a family soon. He will turn 14 on August 27, 2018, and needs to be adopted before his 14th birthday. After August 27th, 2018 Ben will no longer be able to be adopted as he will age out of China’s adoption system. We ask that you join us in advocating as time is limited. For any interested families, America World has numerous photos, updates, video, and information to share about Ben that will melt your heart as you see this sweet boy that has been waiting far too long in the orphanage for a family.

He is currently on a full schedule of primary education courses.  He is smart, working hard in all his classes and is disciplined to follow the rules. He has learned to perform simple addition, subtraction and is proficient in using Chinese pinyin to spell some Chinese characters. He can read and understand short stories and is fond of reading picture books. He can write simple numbers and Chinese characters and he can type skillfully on the computer. He has a talent for handcrafting paper quilled paintings and can make intricate paper cut window decorations. Every day he waters his own plants and watches them grow. He has a great appetite and his favorite food is chicken wings.

Although Ben was born with scoliosis, thorax deformity, and brittle bone disease, his self-care ability is strong. He is able to do all the main daily functions without help, such as dressing and undressing, making his bed and feeding himself. He is able to walk for a short distance with support due to his special needs and uses his wheelchair for daily activity.

Ben’s file is designated by the CCCWA as “special focus”. A family will need to complete adoption paperwork quickly in order to be in China to finalize his adoption before August 28, 2018. Please join us in praying for him!

Any questions regarding adopting Ben can be directed to our China team at  or by phone 800.429.3369.

Every share on Facebook or any forms of social media and every prayer for all of our waiting children is integral to our mission. We cannot do this without faithful families, as we need people to partner with us to speak up for children who cannot speak up for themselves. Please join us in advocating for Ben and in praying that God will move mountains for this precious little boy.

Please share this post with others and help us advocate to find a family for Ben!

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