China Adoption: 2-Year-Old, Mitchell Needs a Family

Little Mitchell has a smile that lights up the room! This sweet boy just turned 2-years-old in November. His nannies describe him as a child that is very attentive, pays attention to details, is determined, and figures out ways to do things.  He is very social and outgoing but is also able to entertain himself when the nanny is busy with other children. He smiles when smiled at and understands the nannies’ facial expressions. He can speak a few words, but his language is delayed. When he sees his familiar nanny, he will reach out to show that he wants a hug. He giggles loudly when playing with his peers and loves to play with balls, a rag doll, and particularly the football. He is very close to his nanny. He has a strong bond with her and often gets upset when she has to pay attention to other children. He loves when the nanny talks to him and teases him. He enjoys riding on a wooden horse and is very cooperative with his therapists for rehabilitation training.

While Mitchell does not have a specific diagnosis in his file, his left elbow cannot bend and he has limited strength in his arms and legs. He also has joint issues with his hands/wrist and has been undergoing extensive rehab training. They have seen good improvement in the use of his hands since undergoing rehab and he is now able to grasp more objects than before. His left hand has improved the most and can now grasp objects that are heavier. He compensates for the lack of strength/use of his hands/wrists by using his strong legs and feet and toes. His file notes so many examples of ways he has learned to play with objects or pick things up using his feet. 

Mitchell is intelligent and will use his feet to get toys out that have gone under the sofa. He will use his feet and mouth to remove his socks when he wants them off. His file notes that while he has strength in his legs to perform certain tasks, he has low muscle tension and cannot walk yet and they are hopeful that with therapy this will improve. His file notes that he will scoot in order to get from place to place. He is very determined to do the same things as other children, even though he has some limitations at this time. The nannies have been amazed at the ways he has learned to compensate and accomplish the same tasks as other children.

Mitchell's file is extremely detailed with a lot of wonderful developmental information and benchmarks and any family interested in reviewing his file can be connected with individuals who have visited his orphanage. This little guy would likely reach many milestones when given the opportunity. He will likely need additional ongoing rehabilitation therapy in addition to any other treatments his doctors recommend.

Mitchell's file is from an America World orphanage partner so a family at any stage or even considering adoption would be eligible to consider his adoption.

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