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Children in China Need Families: Adoption Subsidy Available

Children in China Need Families: Adoption Subsidy Available

Throughout the last several months, we have been advocating for older children from China who were part of our Journey of Hope program that AWAA participated in last fall. We worked with the CCCWA and three orphanages on this project to assist children registered for adoption, but currently on China’s shared referral list for many years who continue to go unnoticed.  Our goal was to meet children who are often overlooked because of their outdated files and their age and in some cases, what can appear to be “intimidating” medical files. Our team members spent personal time with these children to love on them and get to know them better. Medical personnel on the teams completed assessments on each child and provided updated information on their development and medical needs. 
What did we learn? We saw firsthand that many of these children had made improvements or had been able to have surgeries or therapies and were making great progress! We learned that these children desperately are asking for families, as many of their friends have already been adopted and some continue to get closer to the age in China where they are no longer adoptable due to Chinese law. It was truly eye-opening and heartbreaking to hear their stories. 
What an amazing opportunity for AWAA to be able to share the stories of these precious children who are still waiting for a family. Will you help us in continuing to spread the news of these little ones?  These children’s files are designated by China as Special Focus and can be pursued by a family at any stage of the process, including families who have just begun to consider adoption. Simply click on the child’s name below their picture to read their story. We have team members ready and willing to share about these precious children.


$5,600 Adoption Subsidy available


$5,600 Adoption Subsidy available


$5,600 Adoption Subsidy available


$5,600 Adoption Subsidy available

While these stories represent some of the often forgotten and older children of China, AWAA receives children of all ages and all levels of medical needs, from minor to more complex medical conditions and many of those children you’ll never see or hear about as they are matched immediately with families already in our China program who have submitted their requests to adopt a child of a certain age or gender with a certain medical need. If you are interested in learning more about any of the children, or want to learn more about the younger children with minor needs that we receive through our China waiting child program, email or fill out a free pre-application on our website.  Please join with us in sharing these children’s stories. Together, we can make a difference in their lives and their future.


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