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food for Haiti

Children are being cared for in Haiti!

When the time is right, I, the Lord, will make it happen.
Isaiah 60:22

 Recently, several families in the Haiti adoption process banded together to raise funds, specifically meant to impact a great list of needs among partner orphanages and children’s homes in Haiti. As you may already know, Haiti has experienced years of civil unrest and children are now suffering as a result, in the midst of a worldwide pandemic. Just as Jesus multiplied loaves of bread and fish God took the efforts of a few and multiplied it in a way that provided for and blessed every pressing need.

The crèche, or children’s home, is in an area where there is much unrest and violence on top of the COVID-19 restrictions, increased cases and difficulties there in the last few weeks. The donations came at just the right time. America World Haiti staff was able to locate, purchase and deliver supplies this week ensuring every child in care will sleep with full tummies for the foreseeable future. 

We are so thankful to see the continued commitment of those in the America World family. Your swift action and care has ensured that children will not go hungry.

If you would like to give or perhaps champion your own fundraising initiative, click here today.


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